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jak 2: badass


It's been a tough ride.

Kill Metal Heads? Get toys? Sounds good to me.

jak: warily curious
There is a very, very long silence.

Finally, a voice that does not sound used to being a voice manages a, "Hi."

There is another very long silence.

Then a Beep.

In creating this journal, the author has assumed the identity of a fictional person for use in the role-playing game fandomhigh, for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person who created the fictional person, or any reader of this content. The author does not purport to be the creator of the fictional person, or to be affiliated with the creator, or with any person or entity with an interest in the fictional person.

Hip Hog Haven, Haven City, Monday Afternoon
jak 2: bein' smooth
It'd only been a couple of weeks, but Fandom seemed a whole other lifetime away. Haven was getting worse by the day -- not that Jak cared much about the state of the city -- and jobs were coming in hot and fast.

He was almost surprised when he finally got the afternoon off. Kind of disgruntled, if he was honest. He'd been hoping to work off some extra energy.

Still... not everything was lost. He dropped off a message to Jono, figuring they'd be able to catch up over some of Krew's finest-- not that Krew's anything was paricularly fine.

Now he was sitting at the bar, waiting.

[[ for one ]]

Room 408, Wednesday Morning
jak 2: this is my scene, jak: this is my scene
Jak woke up to loud noise, and maybe if he had been anyone else, he would've been upset in that. But he knew what it meant: it was his communicator, coming back to life for the first time in a few weeks, and he couldn't scramble fast enough to get the message.

"Things are really starting to heat up out here, Jak. I know you've got your own thing going on on that island, but we could really use you back here on a more permanent basis. Get your ass down to the Hideout either way. There's trouble."

That was exactly the message Jak had been waiting for since Torn first made him stick to Fandom.

He was up and stuffing stuff into his bag within the next minute. He was going back, and this time it might be permanent.

[[ Jak's off to the land of the expats after this; post and room open ]]

The Hip Hog, Haven City, Thursday Afternoon
jak + dax: jakked up, jak + dax 2: jakked up
It'd been so long since Jak got called in for a mission that when he finally did, it actually managed to throw him.

Krew's bar, the Hip Hog, smelled like something you'd find at the bottom of a toilet. At least that much hadn't changed.Collapse )

[[ I've been slacking with these. Time to get back on track! NFB, NFI! ]]

Room 408, Saturday Morning
jak 2: badass
It was morning. It was a Saturday morning. It was...

... time for Jak to lie on his back on his bed and stare up at the ceiling. He hadn't had word from Haven in a while, and as per usual, that made him twitchy. He had the radio on, listening to some rap song or another (he kind of liked the rhythm) but it didn't do much to throw off his mood, either.

Until his foot started to tap. Quietly against the blanket at first, but then louder. His head started bobbing along.

He was starting to get the itch to move.

Jak sat up abruptly. It was seriously time for him to hitch a ride back to Haven.

[[ open door, open post! ]]

Haven City, Tuesday
jak 2pb: crossed arms
The portal pulsed once, as it did, and spat out Jak and his visitor across the floor of his crappy slums apartment.

As per usual, the first thing that made it clear this place was Haven was the smell. The second thing was the sound of roaring alarms outside. The third...

...was Dax, padding up to the two of them. "Hello, sweetcheeks."

Jak shot him a look. "We're here."

[[ for a tweetybird ]]

Haven City Slums to the Fortress, Wednesday Morning
jak 2: this is my scene, jak: this is my scene
It had taken all of yesterday for the heat to die down. Jak had spent a lot of that time holed up in Haven Forest - maybe partially out of the vain hope on Daxter's part that it might calm him down. On Wednesday, the show was on: Torn had left them a short message, asking them to get themselves back to Underground HQ.

Jak's mood hadn't gotten any better.Collapse )

[[ very very mild mentions of trauma, nfb, nfi, and ooc-okay! ]]

Haven City, All Weekend
jak 2: action dammit
While baby fever ruled Fandom, Jak had used the morning quiet on saturday to slip out for what he was told was an urgent mission. Onin had called him, in fact. He'd had to take a quick test to help her put the seal together from all the pieces he'd gathered lately, but it was done. Whole.

Now they could see about this whole Mar's Tomb thing. If it'd be any use at all. Jak wasn't much for esoterics.

A quick zoomer ride later found him standing in front of a set of heavy doors: the Haven City park.

He was on different business than last time. No more clearing out stray stealth Metal Heads. No hunting around for myths of objects that might or might not help the Underground.

The completed seal opened a door in the wall he'd thought impenetrable before. The path it led to - 'No Man's Canyon', Old Sage Onin's interpreter had told them - was devoid of enemies. It barely took even the lightest touch of Jak's JET-board to make his way through.

He'd gathered a lot of amulets and other Precursor artifacts over the past few months, and it was now time to use them. Carefully, Jak placed each piece in the slot it seemed to be intended for, at the array at the end of the pass.

And then he stepped back.

The machinery roared into action. A lone, impossibly bright blue light shot out suddenly, like eco. It pierced through the sky in a beam, far out of sight-- bounced off the lens-- and then. Then it died.

Jak's communicator crackled into action. "I'll be a monkaw's uncle! So it does exist!" Pecker - Onin's interpreter - squawked. "The beam of light is shining somewhere in the city! The Tomb of Mar was right under our noses all along. And thanks to me... you found it!"

And on to the Tomb of Mar...Collapse )

[[ nfb, nfi, ooc-okay, and taken from Jak 2: Renegade! ]]

Room 408, Thursday Morning
jak 2: this is making me zone out
Jak's last mission had been a week ago.

If he were a philosophical guy, he'd start to attribute the jitters to a severe adrenaline addiction, but he wasn't, which meant that by the time Thursday rolled along he was back in his room. Feeling restless.

This day's anti-drug of choice was comic books. They didn't take a lot of reading, they were violent, and some of them were hilarious: right what he needed. (Well, okay, what he needed was another mission, and a better way to strike back at Praxis, but that wasn't an option right now)

The door had been kicked half-open, and Jak was sitting on his bed, flicking through pages and eying his communicator from time to time.

[[ half-open door, totally open post! ]]

Haven City Slums, Thursday
jak 2: questioning
Second mission.

This one was Torn's.

Jak set the zoomer down outside the Underground Hideout, sneaking a quick glance down the alley they'd come in through to make sure no one followed them. "Next stop," he said, simply, and practically threw himself out of the zoomer's seat. "Come on."

He nodded his head at what looked like it was just a wall with a bunch of grafitti on it.

[[ for Triela ]]