Jak of Sandover (unborn_renegade) wrote,
Jak of Sandover

Room 408, Thursday Morning

Jak's last mission had been a week ago.

If he were a philosophical guy, he'd start to attribute the jitters to a severe adrenaline addiction, but he wasn't, which meant that by the time Thursday rolled along he was back in his room. Feeling restless.

This day's anti-drug of choice was comic books. They didn't take a lot of reading, they were violent, and some of them were hilarious: right what he needed. (Well, okay, what he needed was another mission, and a better way to strike back at Praxis, but that wasn't an option right now)

The door had been kicked half-open, and Jak was sitting on his bed, flicking through pages and eying his communicator from time to time.

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Tags: room: 408
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