Jak of Sandover (unborn_renegade) wrote,
Jak of Sandover

Room 408, Wednesday Morning

Jak woke up to loud noise, and maybe if he had been anyone else, he would've been upset in that. But he knew what it meant: it was his communicator, coming back to life for the first time in a few weeks, and he couldn't scramble fast enough to get the message.

"Things are really starting to heat up out here, Jak. I know you've got your own thing going on on that island, but we could really use you back here on a more permanent basis. Get your ass down to the Hideout either way. There's trouble."

That was exactly the message Jak had been waiting for since Torn first made him stick to Fandom.

He was up and stuffing stuff into his bag within the next minute. He was going back, and this time it might be permanent.

[[ Jak's off to the land of the expats after this; post and room open ]]
Tags: room: 408
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