Jak of Sandover (unborn_renegade) wrote,
Jak of Sandover

Hip Hog Haven, Haven City, Monday Afternoon

It'd only been a couple of weeks, but Fandom seemed a whole other lifetime away. Haven was getting worse by the day -- not that Jak cared much about the state of the city -- and jobs were coming in hot and fast.

He was almost surprised when he finally got the afternoon off. Kind of disgruntled, if he was honest. He'd been hoping to work off some extra energy.

Still... not everything was lost. He dropped off a message to Jono, figuring they'd be able to catch up over some of Krew's finest-- not that Krew's anything was paricularly fine.

Now he was sitting at the bar, waiting.

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Tags: where: haven city, where: hip hog, who: jono
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