It's been a tough ride.

Kill Metal Heads? Get toys? Sounds good to me.

Jak of Sandover
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remind me not to piss you off
NAME - Jak
AGE - 16 18
FANDOM - Jak & Daxter
EMAIL - prince.of.bitca@gmail.com
the goddamn eco-freak
So, um, I'm Jak.

I accidentally knocked my best friend Daxter into a pool of Dark Eco and turned him into an Ottsel. I saved the world from the Dark Sages Gol and Maia, but I didn't manage to turn him back. Now I'm at a boarding school to 'keep me out of trouble' while they figure out how. Yeah. Like I'd get in trouble.

Wanna race?

Hey. I'm Jak. I spent five months at Fandom High. Then I went home and got thrown into the future. Here's a hint: it's not a nice place.

Just don't get in my face, and we're golden.

You do things your way. I'll do it mine.
i hate the smell of the city
click & click & click